Each cohort of the Kellogg programme produces a research project which has been completed during the course. These topics advance knowledge or introduce a new topic of interest. Some choose to complete a business plan for a new concept.

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The following projects have been made available below. (Some projects may have commercial sensitivity and may not be available at present. If there is a project title you are interested in that is not available, please email and the author may be contacted).


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Alumni projects 2017

Chris Sclater

Farming in the family with positive succession planning and governance

The fundamental drive behind completing this research is to identify various key procedures and initiatives that successful New Zealand family businesses instrument to ensure their achievements and wealth are passed down through...[more]

Alumni Projects 2016

Baker, Rachel

Implementation of the Fonterra Palm Kernel Guideline

The use of Palm Kernel (PK) as a supplementary feed for NZ dairy cows has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade, despite volatile milk prices.[more]

Barrett, Dylan

Effective family succession planning and governance

The underlying motivation behind undertaking this research is to identify some of the key processes and initiatives that successful New Zealand family businesses implement to ensure their successes and human capital are passed...[more]

Bell, Sarah

Courageous Leadership - A look at present day leadership in New Zealand Agriculture

This report is a look at leadership in agriculture in New Zealand.[more]

Birnie, Daniel

Communicating with our Growers

This report was written with the aim of finding out how we can communicate more effectively with our suppliers. By ‘we’ I mean Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool Ltd, a kiwifruit and avocado post harvest company based in Te Puke, with...[more]

Bowie, Natalie

Thinking Small: What are the Opportunities & Challenges for a Small Farming Business by Adopting a Niche Marketing Approach?

Many agribusiness leaders see New Zealand as going through a transformational phase in agriculture. There is a lot of rhetoric about how best to solve the commodity cycle conundrum we find ourselves in. This 'cycle conundrum' is...[more]

Boyd, Kate

Viability of establishing a sheep dairy platform on North Canterbury dry land

Is now the time for bovine dominance in the milk market to be challenged? There are variable and questionable milk alternatives more readily available both locally and abroad and our New Zealand sheep dairy history would suggest...[more]

Chittock, Don

Canterbury Water Management Strategy

Water and water management in New Zealand, and specifically Canterbury, has been described as a 'wicked problem' (Frame, 2009). Increased demand for water abstraction, along with issues of water quality, water storage and...[more]

Clarke-Nathan, Natasha

Improving Maori Capability to Make Decisions for the Development of Maori Land

This report outlines research conducted to identify how Maori decision making capability can be improved to increase the development of Maori land and to recommend ways to support that capability.[more]

Cook, Dale

Search for the Sweet Spot in the New Zealand Dairy Industry

The qualitative study reported here explores the idea of a sweet spot in the dairy industry. This is the point where the operational cost of production (in this case farm working expenses per kilogram of milk solid produced) has...[more]

Coughlan, Chris

What does good governance look like for irrigation schemes to be perceived as successful

Water for New Zealand has been described as a ‘Wicked Problem’.[more]

Cowin, Dwayne

Is it possible to enhance environmental protection on a farm without sacrificing all your farm profits

Environmental protection to some degree is something that every sheep and beef farmer in the country is going to have to either deal with currently, or sometime in the near future. The degree of environmental protection will...[more]

Dyck, Matt

Avoiding Complacency in Kiwifruit Biosecurity

Executive Summary Psa has increased biosecurity awareness in the kiwifruit industry, and is reinforced by recent fruit fly incursions and biosecurity communications by industry bodies. Kiwifruit growers believe that a future...[more]

Germann, Jolene

Preparing for the Changing Tide

The aim of this project was to investigate how Southland dairy farmers had been involved in the WL2020 process so far, and how to increase this involvement. From this, the aim was to find ways in which DairyNZ, the industry levy...[more]

Gillespie, Katherine

What makes a strong rural community

The aim of this research was to explore ways to strengthen rural communities in New Zealand. The research focuses on the three small rural communities of Kimbolton, Apiti and Rangiwahia, all located in the northern Manawatu.[more]

Halliday, Angela

New Zealand Growers Priorities

A snapshot of New Zealand fruit and vegetable growers’ main issues and priorities[more]

Hill, Cameron

Succession Planning in the Post Harvest Kiwifruit Industry

The New Zealand Kiwifruit industry has a unique background and history; from 1928 when Hayward Wright developed the “Hayward” variety, to our first exports to England in 1952.[more]

Huffstutler, Casey

Primary Connections – Leadership Pathways within Rural Organisations

My project looks at the feasibility of a website concept that rural industry good/Non-profit organisations can use as a platform to promote the leadership pathways available within the organisation that shows short job...[more]

Jackson, Grant

Validating the “brand” for New Zealand’s target dairy consumers in China

?The New Zealand dairy industry, like many other primary industries, fuelled by market volatility is at a pseudo crossroads in its evolution. Does it look to secure its past dominance in global dairy commodity trade and optimise...[more]

Jolly, Andrew

Bobby Calves: The game changers within New Zealand’s supply chain

There is significant potential for New Zealand to increase its ability to utilise more bobby calves therefore making them a more valued product. It is important that we have a sustainable, viable, ethical and PR friendly value...[more]

Kissick, Shirley

Stepping up to take a step back

“It’s time I got out of the cowshed. What is the best way to do this?"[more]

Magazinovic, Victoria

Nitrogen Use on Central Otago Sheep and Beef Farms

Central Otago is a region where farming is predominantly sheep and beef. The profitability of these farms varies, and in the last few years lamb prices have not helped this. Nitrogen use has the potential to help farmers improve...[more]

Martin, Paul

How Can New Zealand Dairy Farmers thrive in the face of milk price volatility?

New Zealand is a significant participant in the global dairy export market, making up 30% of this market. The major dairy export item from New Zealand is currently Whole Milk Powder (WMP), which is one of the most price volatile...[more]

McGehan, Michael

NZ Wagyu Inc. - Where to from here

Throughout its short history, the New Zealand Wagyu Industry (NZWI) which was established in the early 1990’s with the introduction of cattle from Australia and the United States (US) via original parents in Japan has been...[more]

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