Each cohort of the Kellogg programme produces a research project which has been completed during the course. These topics advance knowledge or introduce a new topic of interest. Some choose to complete a business plan for a new concept.

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The following projects have been made available below. (Some projects may have commercial sensitivity and may not be available at present. If there is a project title you are interested in that is not available, please email and the author may be contacted).


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Alumni Projects 2016

McGregor, Kristy

Exploring Stock Access: Perspectives on Framing the Problem and Solutions

The aim of this report is to better understand the manner in which the problem of stock access and proposed solutions have been constructed. The approach used involves a case study of the Marlborough region. Ten individuals from...[more]

Murray, Alex

Are rural cooperatives still relevant in New Zealand

This report was aimed at discussing and presenting the ideas surrounding the future of the co-operative business structure in rural New Zealand. This was achieved through a review of relevant literature and surveying key...[more]

Nelson, Anna

Farm Business strategic planning - A sheep and beef perspective - a wider opportunity

Farming livestock in New Zealand is becoming increasingly exposed to global and national economic, social, environmental and regulatory trends. Going forward there is increasing pressure from the public and consumers to preserve...[more]

Nelson, Nathan

Starting the Family Succession Conversations

Why is family succession planning an issue we should be concerned about? It comes back to the word family. Family succession planning within the agricultural landscape conquers within, an emotional connection to the land and a...[more]

Oliver, Nicole

Blackroom - A Concept Incubator for the Future of Coarse Wool

The primary reason for this research is to investigate the future for coarse wool. Wool is a hugely under rated product that has so many positive, environmentally conscientious and natural benefits that are being over-looked in...[more]

Pangborn, Anthony

What does it take to be a Great Employer in 2016

The motivation to research what it takes to be a great employer in 2016? stems from the author’s 10-year involvement in the kiwifruit post-harvest sector and an acknowledgment that a number of forces both globally and within the...[more]

Peter, Hayden

Farm Succession The Key To Success

The sheep and beef industry is one of New Zealand's leading exporting industries. Many sheep and beef farms have remained within the same family for generations due to successful farm succession across multiple generations, as...[more]

Phillips, Kylie

Improving Communication of Primary Industries Research, Science, Technology and Innovation

By the year 2020, over $1.6 billion of New Zealand taxpayer money will be invested in science and innovation per annum. What share will Primary Industries have of this investment?[more]

Pinckney, Edward

Opportunities for private equity investment within the sheep/beef and deer industries

Use of private equity is well established in the agriculture sector. The dairy industry, in particular, has used private equity partners to fund purchases and conversions, successfully driving growth of businesses across...[more]

Porter, Nadine

Supporting our Rural Women

Rural women are moving their social space and networks online and increasingly seeking to work longer hours off farm, while the communities they live in continue to operate in the historical colonial space of a 'man's world'.[more]

Reilly, Alice

Farmer Capabilities - What's next for New Zealand Dairy Farmers?

The New Zealand dairy industry is constantly evolving with changing practices, expectations from beyond the farm gate increasingly affecting farm practices, and consumer demands shifting - both in terms of product quality and the...[more]

Scott, Johanna

What Value do Commercial Farmers Place on their Animal Genetics

New Zealand’s animal genetics industry started when two sheep were imported, and they both died within four days, (NZ Rural Press Ltd, 2007). Since then, with the expertise of passionate breeders, scientists, farmers and advisers...[more]

Smart, Penny

Organics – fat into the fire or get out of jail card?

Aoroa Farms Trust sees organics as a Get Out of Jail Card! This report was written to enable two decisions to be made: a) Whether or not Aoroa Farms Trust remain a conventional dairy farm or convert to becoming an organic...[more]

Sowman, Corrigan

What are the critical success factors to an agricultural non-profit excelling in its role of knowledge creation and dissemination for industry improvement?

The South Island Dairy Development Centre (SIDDC) is a non-profit set up through a collaborative effort of seven dairy industry partners: Lincoln University, AgResearch, Plant and Food Research, DairyNZ, Ravensdown Fertiliser...[more]

Taylor, Stuart

The Dream That Made Us

Structural Changes in the New Zealand Dairy Industry and What That Means For Dairy Farmers and People Working in the Industry Today[more]

VandeMolen, Tim

What is the most profitable way to harvest asparagus in New Zealand

As a relatively new asparagus grower, in the Waikato region of New Zealand, I am interested in exploring opportunities within this industry. The harvesting costs in an asparagus business are a significant portion of the total...[more]

Weir, Phil

Balance - successfully managing concurrent on, and off-farm, roles

New Zealand’s increasing property prices, corporatisation of farming, improved communication and transportation infrastructure, coupled with continuously improving farm practice and rapid disruptive technological innovation,...[more]

Williams, Sam

How can we create value from compliance in the dairy industry?

The aim of this project was to investigate an opportunity to develop an audited farm assurance scheme in New Zealand. The process included looking at the existing programmes which have recently come to the market as well...[more]

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