Application Form

Complete a pre registration form and you will be sent to the online form.

Please note a late referee statement may affect consideration of the application so allow time for this to be completed.

All parts of the application form must be completed and include an attached photo.

Note: As there are no interviews please fill in the application form with as much information to optimise your success in selection.

Referee Statements

Referees statements provide support for your application. Choose referees who have good knowledge of you personally and/or professionally who can provide feedback on your leadership potential and motivation.

You need to ensure your referees complete the form and submit on time.

Referee forms must be submitted by the same dates as application form:

  • Monday 16 October 2017 for the 2018 January programme

  • Monday 19 March 2018 for the 2018 June programme

Please note a late referee statement may affect consideration of the application so allow time for this to be completed.

Selection Process

A selection committee made up of industry and Kellogg representatives will consider applications. Participants for each course are carefully selected to ensure a diversity of industry sector, gender, age, geographic location and leadership experience

Successful applicants are advised of the outcome of their application at least two months prior to the start date of the programme applied for.

Unsuccessful applicants who meet the entry criteria are recommended to reapply for a position on the next scheduled or preferred course and are usually given first consideration again based on the desired mix of participants.

Cancellation Policy

We select each course intake based on a mix across sectors, regions, gender, culture and age. Unsuccessful applicants are advised once the selection decision is made. Withdrawals after the selection process, therefore, create a change in the desired mix of participants and possible unfilled positions on the course. A cancellation policy will apply as follows:

Cancellation within one month of course start:       75% refund

Cancellation within 7 days of course start:             No refund

Course deferment/transfer:                                  Administration fee of $250 plus GST (if more than one month prior to course start date) 

Please note: only one course transfer/deferment will be accepted before cancellation policies above will apply.

If payment has not been received an invoice will be sent for the relevant cancellation/deferment fee.

Written applications for refunds due to circumstances beyond control will be considered on an individual basis.



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