Course structure

Pathway to becoming a Kellogger

The delivery format allows participants to dedicate blocks of focused time to immerse themselves in the learning experience.

Each 6 month course includes 17 days of programmed content delivered in three residential based phases and one self-study phase.

Phase 1: Leadership Tools and Industry Contexts

9 day (8 night) residential at Lincoln University.

Personal and team leadership style analysis, applicatons and leadership tools and skill development and experiential learning. Overview of each of the NZ primary industry sector strategies, challenges and leadership contexts.

Phase 2: Political, Economic and Environmental Contexts

4 day (3 night) residential in Wellington.

Understanding how to influence decision making at government and industry level. How the macro environment is shaping policy and planning. Meetings and discussions with industry and business leaders around leadership challenges and personal leadership approaches.

Phase 3: Leadership Practice and Goal Setting

4 day (3 night) residential at Lincoln University.

Presentations and discussions on research projects undertaken during the course. Identification of future leadership goals and development and resources & tools to achieve outcomes.

Research Project

6 month individual study over the period of the course

Individual project work on a topic of interest and value in terms of leadership aspirations, bringing together research, critical analysis, findings and recommendations presented both as a written report and oral presentation.